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It’s time to flesh out media arm locks and hand holding and start defining who is who and where they’re working. Particularly News Editors and Publishers. Isn’t Al Gore now a media mover, for instance? And, please, someone, hold up to a human standard because their excess is rank.

Because, I initially fell for the media prejudice about FOX News (“FAUX News” they giggle) and avoided the station, presuming it to be 24/7 of exploding paper bombs with spittle for mortar (close, anyway, to what I’d read in places like the LATimes and NYTimes, among nearly all liberal comments on the Internet, for starters), but, after finding myself in need of changing the channel away from MSNBC (blatant encouragement of liberal issues, open denigration of anything else), and finding CNN putting me to sleep instead, I opted to let FOX News run one afternoon. Half expecting to catch rabies, I listened with suspicion, hesitation, willingness to be creeped out.

I even tuned back to MSNBC several times over the course of the next several days to see if there’d been any relief from where I left them (in the “We’re the DNC Network” content) but returned to FOX News and found — surprise, surprise — Democrat guests speaking on all the programs, coverage galore of Kerry and Edwards, no sarcasm, no flippant talking heads (versus what’s available on MSNBC), and actual allowance of time and footage to Republicans and even topics of the conservative kind! The biggest difference between FOX and MSNBC and CNN is that FOX also includes coverage of George Bush and Dick Cheney, something I saw next to nothing of on either MSNBC or CNN, although MSNBC seems to have a permanent black-out going for anything that doesn’t promote Kerry, Edwards and Michael Moore, and, MSNBC especially de-emphasises anything that does not support a sort of trendy, populist chatter that avoids mentioning anything that is of interest to other Americans.

I exaggerate here a bit, I realize, but, even hearing Molly Ivins guesting on “The O’Reilly Factor” broadcast earlier today on FOX made me marvel — Ivins heard to be reinforcing the standard that the liberal denigration factor is “good” — “justified” based upon how badly the Republicans spoke about Bill Clinton, according to Ivins, and she says she’s a moderate, which made me laugh a bit, given the titles and content of her books — while reporting anything to the contrary (like, say, “news”) is “Republican.” Or close to that, by mere fact that Ivins was promoting something she describes as “supervised/regulated capitalism” or thereabouts — the free market regulated to such an extent that there is no free market, but the People’s Market.

Ivins says we aren’t to trust business because it’s bad when left to it’s own initiative. She appeared bitter. Absurd. Please, Molly, start distributing your books by handing them out around the neighborhood and letting “the people” bring your income back to you. That’s after you’ve asked your neighbors to go print your books for you and had the first fifty people who showed up at your local market do your editing on your behalf, because, after all, can’t trust you to do it alone, or, worse, hire and supervise the work yourself, defying regulation by the People’s Market.

In my experience, mentioning or referring to media sources like FOX News or NewsMax to liberals amounts to nothingness because they dismiss anything found there based on source alone, in a classic display of, “I’m covering my ears, I can’t hearrrr you!”

Which is exactly what’s wrong with the liberal media, and liberals who refuse to recognize information from “other sources” — it’s called propaganda, and those who support and encourage it are called propagandists: political action offered as “official” source. MSNBC and MoveOn have managed to master the genre of and with smilin’ faces.

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