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“Faith without works is dead.”

Kerry just quoted Biblical scripture — in saying that — from the podium during his (presently ongoing) live broadcast speech, wherein he’s “speaking about leadership” according to MSNBC’s subtitles.

And the audience applauded.

Seems that the Bible is now coming in handy for John Kerry and Democrats, eager to quote and use Biblical scripture, but denigrate the presence of “faith” and particularly, the word, “Church” in everything else.

I was also thinking it was somewhat mousey that, earlier, the two female MSNBC announcers were tweetering sweetly about Michael Moore’s “documentary,” that the film by Moore is “doing so well at the box office, especially for (she repeats this) a documentary.”

It’s not a documentary. Supposedly practicing journalists know that. MSNBC’s apparently don’t. Or, if they do (know that), they’re putting on a very good face of twittering to the contrary.

Moments after that, MSNBC broadcast some footage of President Bush, his comments of today, followed by the small group of office workers present singing him a ‘happy birthday’ tune. MSNBC’s announcer (a male thby then) laughed, that, “there’s some Karaoke in the White House,” pronouncing it “Kerry-oh-kee.”

And here I thought MSNBC was a good news station. How could I have been quite so fooled for quite so long? The front page of the website today is more or less a bulletin board of DNC advertising. Um, that should have read, “headlines.”

I think political dedication is one thing, but, news reportage ought to be, at least, a part of the process. All this time, wasted because I’m a fan of Chris Matthews’ comments and programming, wondering if MSNBC can stand up to the cause of “news” and drop the DNC rap. I bet they don’t. I know they can’t.

Last thing is, what exactly does “there’s one country for those who have, there’s another one for those who have not” mean? John Edwards’ speech in which he said that has been replayed several times now on MSNBC this morning, and, although it makes for interesting and energized theatre by Edwards — the audience was entertained by the comment — it means close to nothing in reality when you read the same comments in print, actually stare at the dialogue and look for sense in it.

No, there’s the United States. That’s one country. And, in that/this country, some people have some things, some people have some things, and some other people have yet some other things. But, what’s the message, the essence, of what Edwards is saying? That, the “two countries” differential, as per what Edwards perceives, will be unified or brought together by an Edwards in the White House? If so, how? He and Kerry are going to offer a standard of ownership of those things that is equal and monotonous from one person to another to another to another, coast to coast? That everyone in the U.S. is going to merge into a cookie cutter work ethic, capacity, set of ethics, level of fitness, educational qualifications and capability? Because, I’m a bit offput by that “there’s two country’s” thing: there AREN’T “two countries,” there’s just one, and the U.S. is a democracy, where everyone is free to achieve, free to fail, and no state or federal government is there to assign them their standard of living or provide it for them.

That’s the point that Edwards is glossing over, as is Kerry, and that point is, that, what they entertain people with, how they court their voters and what the audience is clapping and yelling about and for, isn’t democracy.

If Kerry/Edwards sends me a “free” turkery for Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll donate it to the local causes. But, I bet I don’t get a free turkey for the Holiday. I didn’t even get the courtesy of this morning’s e-mail from their campaign. Their e-mail isn’t delivered to my country, here to a conservative in liberal California.

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