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MSNBC is just announcing that John Edwards is the soon-to-be-announced V.P. select by John Kerry for the 2004 ticket.

Let’s see: Edwards, “good on the stump,” Edwards, “a good closer.” Sounds about right, is about what I’d anticipated, was what the mumble among many “moderate” Democrats were hot about over the past months, certainly the guy among the available talent with the most media presence (most young females think “he’s cute! His wife is so nice!” from what I’ve been reading).

Although Edwards posed commercial appeal in the past, and also has Wesley Clark (though I never thought Clark was the likely V.P.), there’s not a lot of local good press about Edwards, from what I’ve also read, among voters in North Carolina.

“Moderate voting record” MSNBC is now using to apply to Edwards’ voting past. What’s interesting to me is to hear and read how much the liberal majority among Democrat voters bend and twist their actual expectations and social demands, into the now “moderate” Kerry/Edwards duo.

I guess MSNBC opted to not show the fight from the crowd.

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