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“Beyond Blunderdome” from “The Simpsons”

RedDot.gif is overwhelmed with site hits after their very entertaining animated cartoon was shown yesterday on FOX News. I was going to include a link for it then but anticipated their overflow response, although today can’t resist, since I see that is now accepting modest payments to download their work (I feel a bit better helping them to promote their work when they can now get paid for it). For $2.99, you get to laugh a while and again soon after, in fact, as many times more after that as you want to play their animated cartoon.


RedDot.gif I was just reading Roger L. Simon (“Which Side Are You On – Part Infinity,” July 13, 2004), wherein the use of the words, “conservative” and “liberal” are shot in the water with holes like the floating word decoys that they are.

But, in my experience, not using them — going for explanations of points and perspectives as to alliances and more (not to mention academic explanations), at least on some Internet sites (“blogs”) where comment features are provided — is to then have to spend hours upon hours upon hours afterward, cleaning up the inbound and some outbound complications by various visitors and trolling statements elsewhere who perceived an earlier position as this or that and suddenly you’re enrolled in the Columbia School of Broadcasting and you never had plans to start a radio cast, right before you discover you were married in Las Vegas and you can’t ever remember being there.

So, for purposes of efficiency, although despite the limitations — Internet use appears to limit the perceptions for some to only being able to comprehend the first four hundred words and after that, people can’t stand the stillness unless there are large pictures or animations available or a remote control handy — (Roger L. Simon is right in theory, that is, but wrong in application, that is), Internet interactivity seems to function more effectively when the jib-jab lets fly the dogs o’ war.

Which may also explain why “the news media” afterward falls in line, online.

RedDot.gif Blahhh: the mainstream media does so love it’s WAFFLES.

LATER EDIT: for the sleuths trying to pillage the link and reference here (“Waffles” which I describe with “Blahhh,” above), it references John Kerry (“Waffles”) and my offense at his many ethical and opinion dilemmas.

I’d earlier included a link to someone else’s blog who offers a recipe for waffles (the food stuff) that includes, also, a link to John Kerry (“Waffles”) for the same reasons I have and did here, but her website also includes (upon later read) references to the Israelis in another (supportive, commendable) capacity but some bedeviled sleuths (my website stats, which often include referrers and search terms that are used to arrive at my website, as they do with others’), some people driven fervered with search-term anxiety seem to have tried to “link” my “Waffles” comment about John Kerry, in linking to other webpages, as some sort of long-reach negation of the Israelis. Some people are truly crazy but I am not retracting my reference to John Kerry as “Waffles” just to appease the paranoid fears and fevered websearches of some.

How anyone can try to piece together “Waffles” (in reference to John Kerry) to “anti-semitism” is beyond me, but go ahead, knock yourselves out. If you have evidence, however, that John Kerry in his waffling is indicative of anti-semitism, please feel free to email me the references, because I’d be interested in reading about that.

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