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BD21423_.gif Stephen Baldwin from PBS Special Interview, May 2004

Background television earlier today — noise, mostly, I was starting to think — when this sweet voice, announced as “a Baldwin brother,” on FOX, began in thoughtful speech about how this Baldwin (Stephen) plans to vote for George Bush and why, but first he explained how he became a Christian, when and why, and how his faith and values impacts how he plans to vote this November, and I thought how remarkable in our times it is to hear entertainment folks — “celebrities” — be so unabashedly kind and straightforward in explaining thier Christian beliefs and why they believe and how those beliefs came about, but mostly, how remarkable it was to hear Stephen Baldwin, brother to the other Baldwins, with such a thoughtful message to share, sharing quite so thoughtfully as he did on FOX earlier today. We hear much in far louder tones about how people believe in other things and ideals, but we rarely — from the entertainment industry, at least — hear this sort of sincere and sincerely modest expression in faith in Christ.

I later found on the Internet a very interesting interview with Stephen Baldwin on PBS from this past May 2004. By comparison with other recent news, it isn’t so much that Linda Ronstadt is creeped out by “Republicans and fundamental Christians” among her audiences, but that she fails to bill herself as an atheist, or whatever it is that she identifies with, by comparison. And then we have people such as Stephen Baldwin, who engenders peace and good will, his voice so sweet, his message so dear, and Ronstadt’s blasting vocals from elsewhere. Perhaps that’s the point of the recent Ronstadt bad taste explosion: to point out, by comparison, just how harmonic is the voice of others.

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