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“We’re the people rising up. No. Wait.”

“We’re our better selves. No. Wait.”

“We are motivated by a need to see others…rising. No, wait.”

“We are choosing true compassion. No, wait.”

“We’re deserving of true compassion in our better angels. No, wait.”

“We’re the better angels of our nature. No, wait.”

“We…are…choosing to be deserving, as the people rise up, between true compassion and our ideology…”

“Our ideology. Alright. Mystic. Mystical chords. No, wait, angels are better. A moral nation of better angels. No, wait, the better ideology of our true compassion, from the deserving of our respect.”

“No, wait: they know nothing, they see nothing, they have no fingers and toes, they feel no pain, they’re the better angels of our nature. But don’t cry for me, Argentina, we went to the mooon! Oh, and I can show you chickens. But first let me introduce you to the boatmates from Vietnam.”


It’s the DNC Five Billion Dollar Question: they ask that, somewhere between no ideology and the mush of badly defined cellular biology, several better angels might be found by the people rising up from the stem cells that feel nothing, know nothing, for whom we are to feel compassion, although it’s not political, it’s just that they want your vote.

Even Michael Moore got to amplify and repeat — several times — Obama’s theme on O’Reilly later in last evening, “the people rise up.” I must be the only person who found Obama’s speech displeasing — wonderful delivery, intelligent mind, surely, yes, but the message of an expanded, grand socialism slam as savior for the generic as standard. An expensive standard, but so goes grand socialism when slammed: beware the Grand Socialist bearing copies of other people’s copy.

Truthlaidbear covers Ted Kennedy’s dismal deep water references, while I drink tea safely from the privacy of my office, far, far away from Boston, Ted Kennedy and deep water. After all, “Democrats to Anoint Kerry (tonight)…”

(Reuters really, truly wrote that [^^] headline, but — LATER EDIT HERE, I just checked Google News and they’ve changed that headline to read “Nominate Kerry” in the U.S. versions.)

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  1. justaguy says:

    they call him flipppppppper. -justaguy


  2. -S- says:

    justaguy, you’ve provided an abundance of fascinating links here. Just incredible…

    First off, though, about the Drudge Report article about Kerry (having edited and fictionalized, otherwise, his “Vietnam war footage” video), no words can describe how tawdry this is as to Kerry’s behavior. Much less that guy who edited the footage — I mean, say no to *some requests*, why don’t cha?

    I’m eager to see how this issue developes. I’ll take a late night/early morning guess here and conjecture that the “mainstream media” never covers this issue. If they do (later, I’m sure if they do, it’ll be several weeks in the future, if not months, say, January or so in 2005), they’ll recreate the theme to be that, say, “…Kerry cared so much, he allowed a talented Hollywood director to polish the war footage, composed of gritty scenes from battle while Kerry bravely defended his boatmates…”

    Ha. Shouldn’t write these things, however, doing their work for them, mustn’t do this…seriously, the article showing the reality of Kerry posing and reposing and posing again in “the heat of battle” while other people were obviously FIRING THEIR WEAPONS and otherwise ENGAGED WITH THE ENEMY, is too much.

    Kerry, the poser. Vietnam, the rehearsal. Boatmates, the props. War, the theatre. The Presidency, the charade.

  3. -S- says:

    Active linkage, Drudge Report developing story, Kerry, the Poser:

  4. -S- says:

    The RNC video,

    …first off about that, is that whoever it is who is doing the sound mix, editing and composure for these RNC videos is doing an incredibly great job. Excellent sound mix to these videos, ongoing.

    About the FLIPPPPER video, I’m wondering if I can get screen captures of various frames…the RNC should make them available in a “flip book” fashion (I’ll write to them with the idea, I think). FLIPPPPER, indeed. Amazing to see the nonsense that is John Kerry, the “whatever works” in action. Same with Edwards. These guys are so oily they could sell venom to snakes.

  5. -S- says:

    About THIS, can be well capsulized in the quote from that article:

    “…After a RECENT PRIVATE LUNCH WITH…EDWARDS…Bing also declined to answer questions about his relationship with Montemarano (Colombo crime family “top hit men” member).”

    Ah, Bing and his employees. Isn’t Bing another one of those inheritors, similar to THeinz-Kerry? Lends another dimension to the issue of Democrats employing felons to go door to door, surely does. It’s now a shame that we can’t answer knocks on the door when home unarmed.

  6. -S- says:

    Sorry, here’s the active linkage for “FATTEST CAT.” much for “the party of the people,” at least as to “the little people.” Ha.