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The DNC convention provides these whoppers from the televised background to the quiet place that is my office, and, these are the weary times:

“…soaked in the blood…soaked in the BLOOD…soaked in the BLOOOOD…”
— Reverend Al Sharpton speaking about, oh, blood.

A lot of people have died, Al, of all colors, sizes and shapes.
They all bled, we all bleed.

“…because, he knows, it’s not where you go, it’s who you go with!”

— Mrs. John Edwards references Mr. John Edwards, describing the new permutation of insincerity, purpose and infidelity: focus on appearances, status is key.

“…they’ll respond with the negative…but you can embrace the politics of hope, the politics of what’s possible.”
— John Edwards, defying his wife’s and Al Sharpton’s standard, otherwise burning word holes in the Democrats’ Party of Hate o’Thon (“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil because we’re overdosed on evil, we’ve seen, heard and spoken so much of it up ’till now”).

“…she worked in the Post Office so we could have health insurance…”
— John Edwards, continuing, about his mother, his values and about the Gets.

“…Hope is on the way…hope is on the way…”
— John Edwards, handing out business cards behind the ambulance.

“…the great state of Oklahoma says Twenty Million Dollars to Edwards…”
“…the great state of Virginia says Thirty Million Dollars to Kerry…”
— the DNC jury in attendance announcing their award.

Err, sorry, forgot myself there for a minute. My quote noting stopped with Janeane Garofalo getting in her predictable “hate for Catholics” rant from the floor, which was the only appropriate situation in time and place of the evening.

Later, on The Drudge Report, on being a cliche.

From ABC, on the effects of a private lunch with John Edwards and employer, apparently. Someone, please correct me if I’m wrong about the employer part.

Tonight, we get Mr. Waffles:
Clogs for arteries! Full of ‘wholes’! Vietnam! Roll camera!
Wait, CUUT. Roll camera again! Extreme close-up, it’s WafflesNSyrup.

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  1. justaguy says:



  2. justaguy says:

    If I remember correctly…Max Cleland is the guy…who in Nam…was on his way to drink beer with his mates…when he picked up a live grenade on the ground like an idiot. He suffered his wounds in noncombat. –justaguy

    I’m going to look for the article.

  3. justaguy says:

    I thought so…Ann brings it up. -justaguy

  4. -S- says:

    Hoo, boy, is right!

    Kerry and campaign are capitalizing (!) upon their positioning as “honorable victim” — that is, they aren’t victims, they aren’t honorable, but they are promoting the entire “war” and “military service” issues where Kerry is concerned as some aspect of himself as being “honorable victim” inorder to appease critics (?) and seduce voter support. There’s a lot of leftwing denouncement about the credibility of these Kerry “boatmates” who are speaking out against his credibility as per Kerry’s presentation of himself, and that denouncement should be nailed for what it is: more of Kerry propaganda.

    What this sort of thing does is deplete actual human sympathy for actual victims. Such that, you either believe in being victimized by faux victim status to protect your own sense of dignity (no one likes to admit they’ve been conned, have fallen for a false message, particularly where military actions are concerned), or, you confront the faux victim sentiments and proponents for what they are: crass con artists. I think Kerry’s one of those at this point, I really do, particularly after listening to his speech from Boston, “wearing himself on his sleeve” more or less, ~replete with singing chorus afterward~. DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX THU JULY 29, 2004 10:24:25 ET XXXXX

    http://WWW.DRUDGEREPORT.COM/DNC82.HTM HREF=””>KERRY WAR COMRADES PREPARE BATTLE — AGAINST KERRY“Capped by Kerry’s primetime speech to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination, Thursday’s program will include appearances and remarks by Kerry’s Swift Boat crewmates, the Kerry-Edwards campaign announced in a press release this morning.

    “But a group of veterans will soon try to convince a nation how what is presented on the convention stage tonight — may not be the full story: “Only 2 of John Kerry’s 23 fellow Swift boat commanders from Coastal Division 11 support his candidacy today.”“A new bombshell book written by the man who took over John Kerry’s Swift Boat charges: Two of John Kerry’s three Purple Heart decorations (#1 and #3) resulted from self-inflicted wounds, not suffered under enemy fire…”

  5. -S- says:

    Wow, that Coulter column! I now understand why the Looney Liberal Left can’t stand Coulter…and why that column (link) isn’t widely reprinted and linked. I read many comments on a Yahoo Board a while ago about Cleland, whereby people who actually know him and others from his locality denounced the guy as “an ugly blowhard” — and that people didn’t vote for him, not because of “what the Republicans did about Cleland [as Cleland and the DNC promote took place], but because he (Cleland) was a liar…” and I now understand why. Amazing what the DNC has made him out to be — this is also among the stories that Teresa H-K uses to “explain” her switch to the Demos — while he seems to be yet another of those “faux victims” “victims.” This is really sad news to read — plus, even sadder that Coulter wrote that column so many months ago, and yet Cleland’s (and Kerry’s) faux military “honorable” rants are allowed to remain as standard fare.

  6. -S- says:

    About this AP article about Kerry and his huge distortions of reality, I was first focused on the amazing fact that AP wrote such a non-Kerry-propaganda piece! Congratulations to AP, because they’ve been appearing to have slid into employee position by the DNC, via one PAC or group of employees or another (whatever works, apparently).

    About this issue, it was what I was going to write about later this morning (and still am), because the military service cliche that Kerry promotes about himself — it is literally his ninety-percent packaging concept as to advertising himself as product for the Presidency — is so offensive to me, so much so I was repulsed by his speech in Boston from yesterday, with the ongoing “big military man” premise. It’s revolting, disgusting, as bad as Moore’s crud posing as “documentary” filmmaking. Elections – AP
    Kerry Leaves a Large Hole in His Resume
    Thu Jul 29,10:38 PM ET
    By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer

    BOSTON – John Kerry skipped past his role in the Vietnam protest movement that brought him to prominence when he talked of his younger days fighting for his country and ignored that conflict when praising the American tradition of going to war only “because we have to.” (article continues, here…)