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“I want the cars of the future built in America and I want the cars built in America by the AWU” Kerry pronounces with great insincerity during his recent speech in Ohio…

I like a Rolls Royce — or even a Bentley, when I think about this — as much as anyone else, so I don’t find fault or even find anything untoward involved in the Rolls Royce logo, much less their products. But, what I do find pretty darn curious is the revision of the Rolls Royce logo by the Kerry/Edwards/DNC convention for purposes of making a “press pass” for attendants to the Boston milling in the works:

(Editor’s Note: graphic files lost during site server changes, 2004, but the comments that follow hold up independently enough…)

The actual Rolls Royce logo is the first one above (with my added notation marks in yellow), while my imitation of the DNC-hyphen-2004-hyphen-Convention-hyphen-imitation-forwardslash-revision of the logo for “press pass” purposes is depicted in the lower image, above.

All those computing skills by all those Democrats’ wrists, and yet there they go, either intentionally abusing a very fine manufacturer’s icon and logo — that by Rolls Royce — or there they go, abusing a very nice manufacturer’s icon and logo for purposes about which the rest of us can only mull over as to the preposterous distortions of that populist message by Kerry (not to omit Edwards), hooking his popularism-as-message to this imagery, and affiliated with “press” at that.

I can appreciate a great aircraft, marine or vehicular engine as much as anyone, so I appreciate the manufacturing standards that Rolls Royce represents. On the other hand, those manufacturing standards are not those of populism but of refined speciality, master of craft through extensive and challenging apprenticeship, resulting in the production — one item at a time — of exceedingly more refined mechanical items (engines for aircraft and marine crafts, and, entire vehicles, such as are the motor vehicular lines) at an exceedingly more refined per unit price than any populist line of mass produced item.

So, here Kerry goes, with this Rolls Royce logo revision for the use of the “press” in attendance at the DNC. I suppose when there is no challenge from the “press,” generally, there is no challenge to the “press,” generally. Thus, the logo, all 1:64 scale of reality involved: “TOYEES!”


Image from Hollywood-Diecast

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