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Shut Down! Sit Up!

So, O.K., it must be GO ALL POLITICAL Days because I can’t help myself lately, what with the news. I mean, there’s always news, but then now there is newws. Will it ever end?

At least, now I know my instincts are still working. I used to receive emailed “newsletters” from this group (following, article), but just had to write them a disconnect demand several months ago, due to the increasingly whiny tone of their mailings. Thank Heavens that I never sent them any money. Next came MoveOn.

Actually, their tonal issues aren’t so much ‘whiny’ as they are incredibly insane.

Lest anyone complain, the noticable action described here, against this one group, came from “Watchdogs” and not from any political party. I’d have felt far better about the DNC had they stepped in and yelled, “shut up, sit down!” But, they didn’t. “Watchdogs” did.


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