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May, 2004:


As if this issue (Michael Moore and his bizare interpretation of “documentary” filmmaking, “Fahrenheit 9/11” — and the blatantly politically motivated “non political” award, the Palme d’Or, Moore and his film garnered while in Canne recently) wasn’t odd enough, there is now this: MOORE CLAIMS TO HAVE BERG FOOTAGE The story of Nick Berg keeps […]

“He was ugly, strong and had dignity”

John Wayne as “Ethan” in THE SEARCHERS “John Wayne, when asked how he wanted to be remembered, replied: ‘Feo, Fuerte y Formal’ — (a Spanish proverb, meaning, ‘He was ugly, strong and had dignity’).” Today is and was the birthday of “John Wayne,” otherwise known at his birth by the name of “Marion Robert Morrison.” […]


Many of us could see this coming: Adriana‘s demise (last night’s “The Sopranos,” Episode 64, “Long Term Parking“). Also, most of which was anticipated, at least, by me: Tony Soprano moving back in with Carmela — meeting approval with Carmela and her asking price — and Little Carmine (“We’re in a fuckin’ stagmire!”) rolling over […]


“Susumu Mitsuoka, chairman of Mitsuoka Motor Co., demonstrates a newly developed small electric car in Tokyo on Monday May 10, 2004. Called the ‘micro car,’ the vehicle has an overall length of 1.99 meters and works on lithium-ion batteries. The company, based in Toyama, northern Japan, said on a full charge, it can cruise a […]

Yummm, MUMBLE!

In my experience, so far, with ‘online journaling,’ words once in print are permanent and overshadow the fluctuating nature of human personality. My own, specifically. My opinions about many aspects to our modern world change in time. But, once included in print (any print, anywhere, but particularly on the internet) — links, graphics and all […]


Wanted everyone who has visited and commented here in the past, to know that those (your) comments aren’t lost, but saved. My journal contents are just republished here, new template, new comment system, but the previous comments by visitors here aren’t migratable to the new comment system, so I had to save them, unable to […]


Some days there just aren’t enough words. Pat Tillman: a hero of huge proportions, about whom John McCain declared yesterday, “the purpose of all good courage is love…love and honor oblige us.” About words: Rest in peace, Pat Tillman.