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Imagine” by Bette Haddon, First Place Winner, National Quilting Association’s 2003 Show

The Earth has once again been saved from a burst of doom, given that by this hour, the “small asteroid” that was headed our way passed us by at 2:08 PST. I heard about the incoming event only this morning, just about daybreak, when a cheerful announcer on MSNBC shared the news that we’d be alright suspended in space for this day, what with the incoming object from space due to pass our “near-Earth”-way at “5:08 PM Eastern Standard Time.”

Given what I wrote just the other day (see March 16, 2004 comments), I felt blessed that I didn’t have only a few hours to go buy and drink a lot of beer before things came to an end. Not like there was much warning, if it had been a closer, near-Earth event.

Securing our world even more, today is “National Quilting Day.” Thus, the quilt graphic above, “Imagine” by Bette Haddon, First Place Winner in the National Quilting Association’s 2003 Show (the full gallery of the 2003 award winners can be seen at the NQA’s site). My current quilt project, a hand-pieced queen-size bed quilt (I prefer functionality in quilts), will have woollen batting (that’s the fill in the middle of a quilt that gives it the plump, insulating quality), a wool felt top layer and cotton to line the bottom layer. Sheep and their wool, pieces of a grand design.

Today is also an opporunity to honor Beato Angelico, Blessed Fra Angelico, “the painter of the angels.”

Fra Angelico is my favored painter, among one of my most admired Saints, since most of Beato Angelico’s paintings were done as contemplative and sacramental works, with many of his most astounding tempera murals completed for private contemplation on the walls of fellow Dominican monks’ rooms in the Convento di San Marco in Florence, Italy. And, I love that Fra Angelico painted as an act of honor, meditation, revelation, gratitude and generosity and not of egoism or possession. If he has a personal statement of legacy, it is that he was personally devoted, and the light and illumination of that devotion is what remains for us to view, comets or no comets, asteroids or no asteroids, collisions of massive proportions all, Earth or no Earth and beyond. Saved again by the Hand of God, to spin another day, with all that grazing, stitching and painting, too. Reading and hearing people who say it’s all accidental, I find exception in the contemplatative life led by Fra Angelico: God exists and tries to explain Himself to us, here on Earth. I get the impression that we’re kept protected in space as we have been and are, for to learn more.

About the mysterious, I think that Einstein missed the point — not to underestimate his remarkable intelligence and reasonings, or even scientific and mathematical concepts — but that there appears a grander design in operation beyond the technological and reasoned, and cosmology is only a start. We are, after all, still working within our biology about most everything. And then there are seers like Fra Angelico.

Beato Angelico, painter of angels, regarded also among “Knights In Art.”

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