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“What?” graphic by Suzy Rice

WB01113_.gif The few things I know this evening are that the days are becoming a tad warmer, there are gradually increasing minutes of daylight each day than darkness, the tulips are budding, numbers calculate, water turns on and water turns off. But, beyond the weather, the growth of the plant world, utilities and decimal points, what language is being used in today’s social rhetoric and who says what and with what words to express what, is anyone’s guess.

I make no language distinctions as to regions or nationalities, but I do ponder the huge range of definitions and how far apart the intentions are, even oppositional, from among those who use the same English language in these United States. It’s as if the Tower of Babel has reached the attic door and some climbers are now falling backward, over the rest of us on the ladder alongside, toppling down toward some sort of language oblivion, yelling “I’m going higher, I’m going higher, watch me fly!” Splat. Thud. And, there’s then a renewal of nonsense from that stark place, gurgling out about the view and how fresh the air is from the spot on the floor.

About the references to the Tower of Babel, I realize that it’s not trendy these days to make mention of the Old Testament or things Biblical, much less to discuss religious principles or make attempts to distinguish between ideologies, Biblical or otherwise. It’s as if everyone’s expected to follow one extreme or another: be-the-rightwing, be-the-leftwing and nary be any in-between thing.

I’m in the (maybe) in-between range of things. Which I only claim here because I don’t like to associate with groups so much as I tend to be single-minded: I abide by and believe in religious ideology — I am a Catholic — but I make my struggle to survive the life and figure things as do all people, whatever they believe. What I can’t figure out this day is what it is that certain people on the communal ladder conjur as to where we “must” go at their determination. Unfortunately, much of that adamant demanding typifies the leftwing more than they’ll ever admit (which is proof they’re typified by adament demanding). I don’t care to associate, in other words, with “them” or that and I’m far too Conservative to be keenly-kool to the kooky Leftwing.

Contrary to what the Leftwing opines, it is not the Right that demand the trends as to “the ladder’s direction” but some sort of socially trendy standard (“relativism”) that attempts to redefine society, to redefine the understanding of language, to recreate the standard of alpha reason to become some Babel-onian nonsense, and, for no other reason other than that’s what they want, that’s where their whims are, a sort of deconstruction by disorder “organized” by adament demands: they’re all speaking a different language, so to say, but not really because their ideology is intolerant of anyone entering into the mix with a coherent message. Thus, they reposition the ladder when or if it looks as if they need to attract more climbers, get more people heading where they need them to head, and not according to the certainty that comes from any moral absolutism, which is more often than not, the perspective (and climbing direction) of the Right.

WB01113_.gif Tonight I say that some things are what they are because that’s the way they are. And, they’re not always the trendy, the socially convenient, nor the opposite of what they are or mean or are understood to be. Some things are. They exist in primaries. The absolutes of life, and about death, family, relationship and marriage: up means up, and down means down, and some of us on the ladder to the sky are still climbing in the direction we accept as being forward, with blue sky at the top of the tiers. I can’t see toppling over because someone describes the sky as the darkness below.

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