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I can’t keep up. I am “up,” but I can’t “keep ‘up’.”

Like, who made the Standard In the Sky by which everyone is to keep? When something’s trendy, I wonder if it’s, say, popular like a tent — it’s not the Sky, it’s covering-up the Sky. People are as easily misled when following trends as they are misinformed when viewing a covering that prevents a full view.

That’s the issue at play with my comments today, as to not “keeping ‘up'” but, instead, being “up,” as in, I’m up, I’m up, alright already. Maybe not to the Standard In the Sky, that one big thing, but “up” nonetheless to a standard of my own, to a place above other things, and without vertigo at that, above enough, at least, to admire a view, the Standard of Up.

But, I can’t and don’t always read my e-mail as often as I should and can’t and don’t always write in BIRD as often as I should, according to the Standard In the Sky of what’s “up” for reading e-mails and writing in a blog (at least, this one) and find myself often captured by the worst that others can (and do) write, in their apparent efforts to promote the Standard of Down. It takes, alas, time and intensity to explain something to people for whom no explanation is ever adequate, because, when someone’s pursuing the Standard of Down, they’re falling a tad faster than anyone trying to speak the Standard of Up.

Thus, there are online forums on the Internet where the Standard is Down and I’m now peaked on the absence of upness elsewhere. So, I like to share the “up” Factor in BIRD if and whenever I can, and leave the Standard of Down to elsewhere. I realize I don’t always manage to keep the two directions separate, and BIRD devoid of the Standard of Down, but, I do make an effort.

I read earlier today an e-mail from the Library of Congress, notifying me that a painting of mine was accepted into their permanent collection for a memorial site dedicated to the events of September 11, 2000. And, that they needed my permission to display the painting, included in the permanent collection, on their website.

So, alright, that’s an “up” thing, but I only just read their request today, sent to me earlier this month, and only just now responded to it, responding that, yes, they have my permission to reprint/display the reproduction of my painting on their site, as a part of their permanent collection in the Library of Congress.

Same thing with comments section for BIRD: since this blog isn’t advertised or promoted anywhere, and a link only mentioned to one friend a while ago, I never know who, if anyone, ever reads BIRD. But I’m always pleased and happy to read comments here, though, even if I read them a month or so after they’re written — not too conducive to interactivity, however, I realize — but the readership is appreciated. What’s “up” or “down” online, I try to stay apart from and instead write and do what’s sincerely on my mind and serves my standards of entertainment and/or caring, concern or opinion or all of that.

Here’s a reproduction of the painting of mine that’s been accepted into the permanent collection by the Library of Congress (I assume they’ll need a few days after my permission, granted earlier today, inorder to host the image, but once it is, it can be located on their site, along with reproductions of other original works of art and photographs, commemorating the events of September 11, 2000):


“9/11,” Original Painting, Oil on Linen, 5 x 8 feet, by Susan Elizabeth (Suzy) Rice

The painting can also be viewed with my caption on my other website.

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