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Sally Gregg, “Olive Tree, Monemvasia, Greece,” 2000, toned gelatin silver, 16″ x 20″ (framed), Copyright ? 2000 Sally Gregg, All Rights Reserved

I’ll have more content by tomorrow, Wednesday, August 13, 2003, and thank anyone visiting BIRD in this quiet interim — an online community I maintain and moderate has been occupying much of my intensity and capacity to type, for the past few days. Emotional excess is a problem for many, and about these times and that intensity, for many, the internet is used to ventilate. The rest of us get bogged down or take breaks, or, more likely, do both. Some people don’t.

Because of that, I’m not writing anything new today. So, I’ve withheld writing much of anything, until tomorrow.

Please revisit then if you’d like to read something new. Until then, the words would be old if written — I am weary of the worn emotions by so many — so I’ve withheld writing (although I did enjoy rereading “ Midsummer’s Night Dream” recently).

Alas, “old” is an issue of antiquity versus decrepitude, although I resort to the use of the word, “old” in these current circumstances inorder to bypass what some who use the internet regard as taxing: a perception that complicated issues are a source of anxiety. It’s as if there are flames nearly everywhere in our world, worst of all, in the minds of many.

While, elsewhere, I love Pan. And midsummer. Not to mention William Shakespeare as an author.

I also love antiquity and the internet. Which makes me old for today, in the scheme of current issues and my approach to them and the technology involved only emphasises the futility by many.

Now, if I was only at home in Greece, if man/woman never made wars of emotions upon others, if people could reason rather than destruct, I’d be complete — as long as I had cable access and computing capability and an olive grove reaching down to the sea.

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