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A heart like Rosemary, Photo Credit Unknown

I considered too many words about the herb, Rosemary, until I embraced the three abundant plants just outside on the patio and returned indoors with the intoxicating scent of Rosemary oil on my face, and then I considered a rapt silence, something that would more honor such a noble plant (and words aren’t that).

Rosemary, “Dew of the Sea,” and/or “Mist of the Sea,” depending upon who translates what colloquial reference, but, considering whichever reference, it is still beautifully primordial, as is the herb of Rosemary, the plants themselves of Rosemary, just as is the ocean itself.

Christian folklore refers to the presence of the Virgin Mary as the sprititual source of abundant plant life, as the inspiration to plant life to grow abundandtly, as an abundant plant — as are all Rosemary plants — as being indicative of the presence of the Virgin Mary, among other referential relationships between the plant of Rosemary and the Virgin Mary.

Rosemary, inspiring of the life force, certainly.

I’d be lost without it. Wouldn’t we all.

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