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“Heart Art, Two,” Oil on Linen, 6′ x 8′.

This painting appears on my site, GALLERY, with caption — please take a look, if interested.

This painting, along with reproductions of many of my other paintings, can be viewed in my GALLERY, start page.

The .jpg reproductions of these painted works have been a challenge to accomplish, expensive and labor intensive. I design my recent work on a computer and then paint those by hand on canvas at much larger sizes so these that are completed now were extremely time-intensive as they also took extra long periods of time to dry. These existing works on my GALLERY site at these very large canvas sizes represent labor I can no longer complete so I am now working on composite works: many smaller canvas sizes that function together to depict something larger, and, I’m relying more on mixed-media in combination with oil paint.

I’m focused at present on Photo Realism and antiquities. No explanation beyond that these are areas of interest to me.

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