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April, 2003:

– T O O – M U C H –

Lava Eruption, April 11, 2003, Mount Kilauea, HI, from the U.S. Geological Society Some authors of blogs actually study how to write blogastyle and some actually instruct those others how to do so. Which is interesting, given the format involved: web logs, they’re supposed to be works of impulse, to be venues for the impromptu. […]


Front Cover, “Gunpowder and Stains,” a book by Ed Ruscha Out of print, out of luck, any book by Ed Ruscha brings me that much closer to embracing the emptiness of the California deserts, of emptiness and refueling afterward, to understanding the futility that most of us painters — which includes Ed Ruscha, painter extraordinairre […]


Water boughs, dawn breaks, I am head first into the green wave. I’m pale, tumbling over ten or more times before bobbing loose to breathe. Fun with the Pacific Ocean, and I’m not even home yet. It’s an island in a dream, and my head bumps gently into the deep curb of the deeper end […]


“Heart Art, Two,” Oil on Linen, 6′ x 8′. This painting appears on my site, GALLERY, with caption — please take a look, if interested. This painting, along with reproductions of many of my other paintings, can be viewed in my GALLERY, start page. The .jpg reproductions of these painted works have been a challenge […]